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CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids Swindon

Fitness & Fun for Kids!

CrossFit Kids (age 5-12) is a FUNctional movement based program that combines gymnastic bodyweight movements with weightlifting elements to teach children how to move well with good mechanics and to build a broad athletic foundation.

We aim to help them develop a lifelong love of health and fitness. The classes are fun, engaging and run in a group setting to encouraging team work and cooperation

A typical CrossFit Kids session runs for 40mins 
(parents are encouraged to stay, for younger children)

Class schedule :
Tuesday 4pm-4.40pm 
Thursday at 4pm-4.40pm

Single Session £5
Unlimited Monkey Membership £30

Important: On your first CrossFit Kids session please make sure to bring your printed and signed CrossFit Kids Waver

 >> CrossFit Kids Waver <<


Is my child suitable?
We ask that they be able to focus and take instruction on the foundational CrossFit movements. They will be introduced to gymnastics-style resistance training with very light external objects. (no light saber fights)

What about kids lifting weights is it safe?
Yes it is! Weight training increases bone density and produces healthier children that are less prone to injury. As the children progress and show competency with the movements, we will begin to introduce some load.

Are parents required to stay?
It is best for parents to stay if they have younger children in the Kids group. 

What should I bring for the first session?
CrossFit Kids Waver Please print, sign and bring in with you on your first session! Also plenty of water!

How big are the classes?
Classes are limited to 12 so you must book in to secure the space! If you don't we cannot guarantee you a spot! 

How do I book in?
Book in via Team Up as a family (Guide here)

CrossFit Kids